Founder, Chairperson and CEO's message


Chairperson's  Message

United Biomedical Inc. (UBI) is a privatively held international group of companies with advanced technologies and global infrastructure. UBI’s vision is to deliver life-changing solutions to improve the health and well-being of mankind. We have dedicated our scientific rigor to build an innovation-driven, patient-oriented culture with outstanding execution and continuous improvement. Our dynamic environment paves the way for making the impossible possible. 

Our mission is developing sustainable innovative products to serve patients with serious illnesses whose needs are either unmet or under-served. We will not waver from this mission. As a group, we will leverage our technologies and know-how to function as a catalyst to introduce changes, through our high impact biological products, to provide breakthroughs for these patients. 

We know that the journey to excellence is full of challenges and setbacks, and are fully prepared to meeting those challenges and overcoming any setbacks we may encounter. We have a well-defined set of core values which includes: spirit to pursue innovation and excellence, integrity in everything we do, courage to overcome challenges, and respect for each other. 

We are committed to being the best and aiming high. UBI will bring transformational products that can offer a better future for patients. I am continuously grateful for the relentless endeavors of our associates in striving to accomplish our goals, the support of our shareholders, and the dedication of our collaborators along the journey.

ChangYi Wang, PhD
Chief Executive Officer