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    TIME magazine report - How an Experimental Injection Could Revolutionize HIV Treatment

    How an Experimental Injection Could Revolutionize HIV Treatment
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    J.P. Morgan Roundtable: Financing Challenges, And Opportunities, For Complex Therapies

    Part 1: Scrip spoke with companies working on cell and gene therapies and novel neuroscience platforms – areas difficult to finance in the past, but seeing increasing investor interest – about funding challenges and opportunities in 2019.
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    Alzheimer’s vaccine shows promise in early stages

    For two decades, biotech companies trying to tackle Alzheimer’s disease have had little success. While vaccines have often shown promise for certain patients, they’ve come with devastating side effects for others—brain swelling, for example—because researchers haven’t been able to reliably keep patients’ immune systems from kicking into overdrive
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    UB-311 Vaccine Safe, Effective in Mild Alzheimer’s Patients, Phase 2a Trial Suggests

    United Neuroscience’s Alzheimer’s vaccine candidate UB-311 was found safe and well-tolerated, triggering an antibody response against beta-amyloid in most of the patients, according to Phase 2a trial results.
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    Dr. Siegel: Alzheimer’s disease — Why results from a vaccine and a test offer concrete reasons for hope

    Today there are new reasons to be hopeful about the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. There is a new Alzheimer’s vaccine known as UB 311, produced by a small company, United Neuroscience, in Dublin, Ireland, that has just delivered promising results in phase two clinical trials in humans.
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    United Neuroscience To Move Forward Alzheimer’s Vaccine After Promising Phase IIa

    Private, Dublin-based biotech United Neuroscience says it plans to rapidly advance its active Alzheimer's vaccine immunotherapy UB-311 after reporting positive top-line results from a Phase IIa study of 42 patients on Jan. 16.